Parents open up about Coweta incident

Posted at 11:07 PM, Sep 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-17 08:22:01-04

The parents of a Coweta High School student, allegedly a victim of hazing, say he's not a victim at all. They say the video that caused an investigation into a potential hazing incident shows no malice - simply boys "horse playing".

On Friday, Coweta Public Schools released a statement describing a "hazing incident". The student allegedly being hazed told his parents he and his teammates on the football team were messing around, and a video of the incident sent out by a fellow student made its way to administration.

The student's parents say they were called to the school, just a day before a police investigation began, to see the video.

"We were really shocked when we got done watching the video that the administration was ready to arrest these kids," the student's father said. "It turned into a role play of a live 'Cops' episode is what it was."

The parents were asked to speak to their son and the parents of the other students and come up with a conclusion. After speaking with multiple people, including administration, the parents came back and said there was no hazing going on.

"He didn't look good in the video... it looked like he was being hazed and he was adamant that he was the one being funniest. He took it the furthest, laying down there acting like he was arrested," the student's father said.

The families of the accused boys, who say they are facing suspensions and removal from the football team, met with an attorney Sunday to discuss what to do before Monday, when they need to have their next steps solidified.

2 Works for You has reached out to administration, but has not yet heard back.