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'We're both pretty lucky': Woman reunites with Dewey officer who saved her from rushing water

dewey water rescue after crash
Posted at 5:24 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-21 20:20:20-04

DEWEY, Oklahoma — Underestimating the power of water almost cost a Dewey woman her life. Recent rain caused a road there to flood and the woman lost control of her car and it landed in a creek.

“Very thankful to be here,” Stephanie Featherston said.

West Durham Road is part of her daily commute. On Monday, Featherston was blindsided.

“There’s water on this road often," she said. "I didn't really think a whole lot of it. I turned the corner and started to accelerate.”

Featherston slowed down after seeing a "water on road" sign, but after hitting her break, she started hydroplaning.

“I tensed up. I could've hit the accelerator. I don't know, because that was a lot of damage to my car,” she said.

The car crashed into a barrier and went straight into the creek, landing upside down. Featherston managed to call 911 before climbing out of her car.

Then, the current grabbed her, sweeping her under the bridge. Featherston remembers holding her arm up to feel for an opening in the surface.

“It went really, really quickly, thankfully," she said.

A silver pipe is what she reached for next before waiting for help. Officer Jonathan Pointer was the first to show up.

“The vehicle was on the north end of the bridge here and was flipped upside down, almost completely submerged," Pointer recalled. "I get in about four feet in and it gets deep. I'm no longer able to reach the ground."

The rescue only took a couple minutes.

“I’m just beyond grateful for the blessing that God saved me and sent officer Pointer,” Featherston said.

“She stayed calm, which is the best thing you could do in a situation like that,” said Pointer.

Featherston walked away with only bruises and scratches.

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