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Rain chances raise concerns for washed out roads in Okmulgee County

Posted at 8:27 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 21:27:47-04

TULSA, Okla. — Okmulgee county is not getting a break from the rain. This morning two to four inches of rain fell on top of the already saturated ground.

Rain, rain, go away — that's Okmulgee's plea after last week's flood waters caused major damage to roads like this one and forced people out of their homes.

The water has receded in most areas across the county, but emergency management crews say recovery efforts are far from over.

“Today we’ve had more rain so we can’t do anything with it raining. Some of what we already did for emergency measures washed out this morning,” Tim Craighton, director of Emergency Management for Okmulgee County said.

Alicia Hall who lives in an area that flooded said last week her yard and home looked like a lake.

“it was four feet of water inside…outside we were probably nine feet maybe,” Hall said.

Airboats helped evacuate her and her family.

“… and at about six o’clock they’re like okay we’re going to come rescue you,” Hall said.

The flood waters washed away some of her farm animals and caused major damage inside her home.

“Stuff started floating…my couches ended up over there," Hall said.

Crews have gutted the walls on the first floor. She said she's thankful the rain they got this morning did not cause additional damage.

“I’m terrified, I mean we still have important stuff outside, so we’re trying to get it in the barn as fast as we can and I just pray that we don’t get more rain…for a few more days,” Hall said.

But emergency management crews said they are preparing if more rain comes.

“There’s predictions that we could have severe weather tonight with wind and hail in it, which would just complicate what we’re already recovering from,” Craighton said.

Emergency management crews recommend having alternative routes in case you run into a road like this one.

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