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Osage County DA speaks on BTK rumors surrounding 1976 disappearance

Cynthia Kinney
Posted at 12:51 PM, Sep 11, 2023

OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. — The Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher held a press conference Monday on rumors surrounding the BTK serial killer being connected in the disappearance of Cynthia Kinney.

BTK is the name convicted serial killer Dennis Rader used for himself. The name stands for Bind Torture Kill, which is how Rader killed his victims. Rader killed 10 people over three decades before his arrest and confession in 2005.

Fisher said he hasn't seen enough evidence or reasonable speculation to connect BTK to the disappearance.

He led the news conference with pleas to leave the Kinney's parents alone. He said they are in their 80's and the stress caused by reliving their daughter's disappearance is causing their health to decline.

Cynthia Kinney

The DA also focused on Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden, he said the information he received is from meetings with other law enforcement and he has not spoken to the sheriff about suspected connections to BTK.

Fisher says his relationship with Virden is broken and the two seldom work together.

"I have never had an issue with law enforcement anywhere... for whatever reason the relationship with Sheriff Virden and it is broken... I have tried to reach out to Sheriff Virden and didn’t get anywhere," said Fisher.

Virden recently spoke to 2 News about the evidence he received and why he reasonably suspects BTK is involved in the disappearance.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the the case and will use information from both the DA and the sheriff in their investigation.

BTK Killer suspect in OK disappearance

Virden told 2 News that while having a conversation with Dennis Rader, also known as BTK, described a scene similar to that of how Kinney disappeared. After speaking with Rader, Virden decided to look closer into the cold case.

BTK "Prime Suspect" in Pawhuska Cold Case

The DA said he doesn't believe he'll be able to solve the case but welcomes further investigation from OSBI. 2 News reached out to Virden for comment and he sent the following statement:

OSBI has been involved already and at two meetings with Osage and KBI.

OSBI had the opportunity to work daily with us and to be kept up on additional new information but have not reached back out since. Since the beginning, Osage has been trying to work with OSBI, KBI and local law enforcement in many states.

We’ve been working with the federal authorities not Fisher because he has not reached out and is not aware of how this investigation has developed over the past many months.

Fisher has attempted to obstruct the investigation by reaching out to the prison trying to stop the second interview with Rader and I, without knowing what information I have and is the one who has without knowledge of the case hurt the victim’s families and continues to, up till today.

Over all, this is another example of Fisher’s unprofessional mis-handling of this and many other situations both in Osage and Pawnee Counties.

2 News will continue to follow this story.

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