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Osage cast member anticipates impact of "Killers of the Flower Moon"

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Posted at 5:59 PM, Oct 13, 2023

TULSA, Okla. — Tim Shadlow is an Osage from Hominy who now lives in Tulsa. He was cast in Killers of the Flower Moon (2023).

"It definitely opened my eyes to how hard it is," said Shadlow, reflecting on his experience on set. "The hard work that actors actually put in, and to get into the roles that they have, you don't want to get them out of character.”

Although Shadlow's role didn't make the final cut, he still has high praise for the film.

"The movie was excellent. The acting was great," gushed Shadlow. "Overall, I just love the perspective of the movie because it really hits home how evil people were at that time frame, and there was no help.”

"Killers of the Flower Moon" delves deep into the Reigh of Terror — a period in the 1920s when numerous Osage members were murdered.

Officials report nearly 60 Osage were killed by 1930. However, Shadlow believes the number is higher.

"Over 700 unsolved or undocumented murders," said Shadlow. "With a little over 2,000 members, I think that's a high percentage."

Shadlow emphasized the lingering impact of this dark chapter has left on the tribe. He said the historical trauma continues to affect Native people, influencing their trust of others.

Shadlow is looking forward to having the suppressed story of the Osage told to the world.

"It needs to be pushed to the forefront, and that’s what this movie is doing."

The film will be available in theaters everywhere starting Friday.

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