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Oklahoma doctors urge caution ahead of Thanksgiving

Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 19:31:21-05

TULSA, Okla. — Doctors are urging some caution as Oklahomans gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving

Most people are ready to have a normal Thanksgiving after maybe distancing from family last year.

“We plan to have a small family gathering, and stay at home," said Tom Seymour.

“We have family coming in from Kansas and children visiting," said Lori Read. "So it’s great that we’re having everyone together since last year many of us couldn’t be together.”

Unlike Thanksgiving last year, the COVID vaccine is now available, which is bringing some shoppers peace of mind.

“A lot less concern than last year," said Kenley McQueen. "Both our kids got their first vaccines so we’re pretty excited about that.”

“Most of our family is vaccinated," Read said. "And everyone coming has been vaccinated or had it. So, not near the concern it was last year.”

Doctors with the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition discussed Thanksgiving safety during a meeting Tuesday afternoon. They want people to enjoy their Thanksgiving, but to take some precautions. They said COVID cases are once again rising across Oklahoma and are up about 30 percent around the nation. While people do feel more comfortable this year, doctors worry there could still be a problem.

“What I am afraid of is that having people flying in from around the country, have not been vaccinated, meeting up with people who have not been vaccinated who are vulnerable," said Dr. Stan Schwartz, CEO of WellOK. "And that is a potentially bad situation.”

However, doctors on the call said you can celebrate safely. Like Cheryl Osborn, a heart transplant recipient who is ready to spend the day with her son and grandsons after receiving her vaccine shots, including the booster.

“You go so long without seeing your family because of COVID, and you just think well, you know, you’ve gotta take every chance you get to be with them," Osborn said.

If you do want to be cautious this year and need an excuse to get out of a gathering, doctors on the call said to just say your doctor advised against it.

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