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Pug puppy born with upside down paws dies in surgery

Mila, a pug puppy with bilateral luxated elbows
Posted at 9:50 AM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-24 13:21:06-04

Update: According to Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, the puppy born with upside-down paws has died.

In a Facebook post Monday evening they say Mila the pug puppy went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia. Despite 12 attempts at CPR everything humanly possible to revive her, she was unable to be revived.

The Facebook post reads "She was so loved and we are eviscerated, as are her vet team. Please allow us some time to even begin this soul-crushing process of grieving her. I would do anything to have a better update."

An Oklahoma animal sanctuary is taking to Facebook looking for help after rescuing a pug puppy born with a rare condition.

The Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary made a Facebook post on May 16asking people to donate whatever they could towards surgery for its latest rescue, a 7-week-old pug puppy named Mila who was born with bilateral luxated elbows and has upside-down facing paws.

Mila was first rescued locally at Skiatook Paws and Claws Rescue along with her brother, who had the condition as well but only in one paw. The local rescue then reached out to Oliver and Friends who previously dealt with the condition before in another rescue.

The nonprofit says Mila will need surgery to fix her paws and then will face a long road to recovery in rehab.

Mila, a pug puppy with bilateral luxated elbows
Mila heading into surgery on Monday, May 23, to fix her bilateral luxated elbows and upside-down facing paws.

"Without surgery, she will never walk, run, or play like a normal dog," the Facebook post reads.

Since the post was made, multiple updates have been provided, including one saying Mila has been sent for a CT scan for the surgeon to get a full overview of her condition.

The organization says the current plan is "to align the bones and use an external fixator and thick rubber bands to pin the ulna (lower bone in the lower leg) and the humerus, holding everything in place" in hopes of giving Mila some degree of movement in the future.

Mila is expected to head into surgery on Monday morning, and is expected to be with the surgeons until this afternoon. Right now, surgery costs alone are estimated to be up to $5,263.

Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Luther, Okla.

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