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New COVID-19 antigen test offered by Oklahoma Blood Institute

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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-03 07:36:33-05

TULSA, Okla — The Oklahoma Blood Institute will soon test for more types of COVID-19 antibodies.

They’re offering the new method of antigen testing starting tomorrow at their locations across the state.

Their previous test only showed antibodies if someone had a COVID-19 infection.

This new method goes beyond that.

“We’re excited because we are always looking for new way to help our donors,” Jan Laub the executive director of the Oklahoma Blood Institute in Tulsa said.

Starting Monday, the Oklahoma Blood Institute is offering a more comprehensive way to test for COVID-19 antibodies.

Previously, it only detected antibodies from natural immunity meaning you likely had a recent COVID-19 infection.

Now, the new antigen testing will also be able to detect antibodies from vaccine immunity and booster immunity.

“Once you donate, you’ll get information back that says either yes or no. It won’t tell if it was from natural or if it was from the vaccine. It will just say do you have antibodies yes or no,” Laud said.

The testing is done at their lab in Oklahoma City.

Laub said the new testing should give donors peace of mind.

“Number one it's what our donors are looking for right now. with the omicron variant and all the different variant, they want to know if they have the antibodies and so far we have only been able to tell them if they have thew antibodies left over form if they had COVID-19" Laub said.

She says it’ll take between 3 and 5 days to get the results.

While the test benefits the donor, Laub says it also provides an incentive to donate blood.

“People are wanting to know. So whether somebodies donated blood, or they’ve never donated blood, but they may want to know about antibodies, then they can obviously come and donate and save possibly up to three lives in the process,” She said.

The testing is free with a blood donation.

The program will run until January 31st and at that point, the OBI will evaluate if they will continue offering this new method of antigen testing.

Now if you have been vaccinated and you get a result of no antibodies, Laub suggest you talk with your doctor.

For more information about the tests or how to donate with the OBI, click here.

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