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Marshall Brewing Co. thanks Tulsa Fire Department for saving taproom

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 10:03:37-04

TULSA, Okla. — Marshall Brewing Company is thanking the Tulsa Fire Department for protecting their taproom from the flames earlier this year.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Tulsa firefighters, the taproom is still standing.

“I remember hearing the fire come in and just the event escalating,” Michael Baker, Chief of the Tulsa Fire Department said.

Chief Baker remembers responding to a call on February 16.

A fire had broken out at the Fischer Brother's Office Supply building during February's big winter storm.

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His crews battled the flames in the midst of frigid temperatures.

“My primary concern was that it was just so cold and working outside in this environment and you know, getting firefighters warm and keeping them safe," Chief Baker said.

More than 60 fire fighters took turns fighting the blaze...trying to protect the Marshall Brewing Taproom.

“I came over to the taproom side. I remember coming in the front door and looking over at the tap wall and seeing three or four ladders with firefighters on top of them and they had opened up holes in the wall and were shooting water into the adjacent building to try to save this building," Chief Baker said.

Heroic efforts owner of the Marshall Brewing Company will never forget.

“These guys and gals have literally risked their lives and been in just extreme weather conditions, where they were covered in ice to have them at the end of the day tell me they were sorry they couldn’t do more when they literally saved the building was just completely humbling," Eric Marshall, owner of Marshall Brewing Co. said.

Sunday evening the Marshall Brewing Co. partnered with Andolini's Pizza and Tulsa Crime Stoppers to thank these men and women for protecting this building.

They hosted an appreciation event in the very taproom they helped save with free beer and pizza.

“It’s really a great closure to a cold day that now in a hot day we can have a cold drink and you know celebrate a little time together," Chief Baker said.

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