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Green Country moms dealing with baby formula shortage

Posted at 6:18 PM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-12 10:06:10-04

TULSA, Okla. — There is a baby formula shortage around the country and now parents in Tulsa are trying to navigate it.

Experts blame the nationwide shortage on a tight supply chain and production halted at an Abbott Nutrition facility in Michigan after it recalled three popular brands.

Now parents are feeling the stress as they try finding what they need to feed their infants.

Danika Williams has a 4-month-old son named Julian Fuel. She says she’s been overwhelmed trying to find formula to feed him.

“I went back to breastfeeding. I had no choice. It was painful and it was a lot but I had to get used to it because my baby has to eat,” Williams said.

Williams said she’s searched five stores since the recall for the formula she uses. She finally found four cans recently but says that’s not going to last long.

“Not even a week. My son eats a lot. He’s only four months but he loves to eat,” Williams said. "My baby he eats about ten cans a month."

Pediatricians along with services like WIC suggest parents talk to their doctor about other formulas to try, consider trying to breastfeed again, or use generic brands.

But Ascension St. John Pediatrician Dr. Courtney Sauls wants to make sure parents know it can take time for a baby to adjust to the new formula.

“It’s often worth a trial of maybe three to four weeks of a new formula for a babies gut to get used to it," Dr. Sauls said. "So the fact that they may not be used to it after a few days or a week of trying doesn’t mean that it may not be the right solution for them. It just may need some time.”

She stresses parents should not water down formula, make their own formula, or use goat milk or molasses.

“Those types of things don’t provide adequate nutrition for babies that have growing brains and growing bodies and can actually be quite dangerous to their health,” Dr. Sauls said.

Dr. Sauls believes the shortage will end soon. In the meantime, Williams and other Tulsa moms are working together to find formula for each other.

“If I see milk somewhere I always post it especially if it's on the clearance rack. I post it and be like 'hey if there’s a couple moms that need some milk it’s here and I post the location. I feel good at the end of the day to help,” Williams said.

Dr. Sauls says if someone urgently needs formula, doctors offices have samples they can provide. Plus, organizations like WIC and Emergency Infant Services are good resources to help mothers.

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