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Inside look at PGA's marshals ensuring fair play

Posted at 8:48 PM, May 19, 2022

TULSA, Okla. — With more than 50,000 spectators at the PGA championship, the role of a marshal is even more important as they work to manage the course.

Unlike any other sport, golf only has a thin rope lining the course separating spectators and athletes. Fans can be very close to golfers.

A marshal’s job is to stay within the ropes to ensure fair play while also assisting in crowd control and safety. They have to make sure spectators are quiet and not distracting during golfer’s swings. They also locate and adjust the course in case of stray balls.

To manage 50,000 spectators, it takes hundreds of them to manage it. Corinne Bangs is one of them. As an avid golfer herself, she takes her job seriously. But, she is also getting the chance to admire the best in the game up close.

“I’m a true golf lover. It’s totally different seeing it in person. I play my own game and it's not a professional level by any means, and then I see these guys come up here and hit it straight like it’s an easy game. It’s amazing to watch.”

Each of the holes here has a country club assigned to it. Corinne is a part of Meadowbrook Country Club in Tulsa. They’re assigned to hole 11.

For Bangs, her job has been easy. She tells 2 News the crowd at the PGA Championship has been fairly tame so far.

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