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Grove residents set to vote on city's first bond issue Sept. 12

The $16.5 million bond would fund new facilities for the police and fire departments.
Posted at 9:45 PM, Sep 06, 2023

GROVE, Okla. — Nestled on the banks of Grand Lake is Grove. Its residents live a classic lake-town life. With restaurants and boutiques lining the main drag of town.

"Yeah, it’s just a very … it’s a peaceful place," Angie Martinelli said.

For the first time ever, its residents will vote on a bond issue to fund a new police and fire station.

The $16.5 million bond will come at a cost, with property taxes set to go up.

For example, owners of a $200,000-500,000 home can expect to see their taxes go up by $400-500 per year.

The people we spoke with all said the town is growing; not to mention the thousands of people who come to town for Grand Lake.

Martinelli runs a coffee shop in town, and she’s hoping for more growth.

"I want more people. Because I think this place is very beneficial to people. I think people can come here and thrive. I can see it in my kids," Martinelli said.

Laura Huckabee, the President of the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, says this bond is necessary for the town’s future.

"When businesses want to relocate, companies want to find a new location or families come to an area, they wanna know: does the city have good schools? Does the city have places to live? And is the city safe?" Huckabee said.

$16.5 million dollars can buy some new facilities, but for first responders, it’s all about location.

Before Martinelli got to work in the coffee shop, her work was more hostile, as a combat medic. She knows the pressures of a first responder's job.

"If you’re centrally located, in a town, and can get to everybody in the right amount of time, I don’t care what your facilities look like. They don’t have to be state of the art, and if they allow you to get your job done and you can get where you need to be… I think that’s the most important thing," Martinelli said.

The new police station would be built at the NEO loop, near the post office. The new fire station is set to go in this area on South Broadway.

Neither are in the main part of town – like their current locations – but both have easy access to roads.

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