BLOG: Summer-like heat and humidity cranks up!

Even through it's not summer yet officially, it'll certainly feel like it across Green Country this week! 

One term you'll hear us use often during the summertime is the dewpoint, we use the dewpoint to tell us just how much moisture is in the atmosphere. Specifically, the dewpoint is the temperature to which the air must be cooled to reach saturation. The higher the dewpoint number, the higher the moisture or humidity. 

Our dewpoints are expected to remain in the low 70's through the rest of the week which is in the oppressive category. This amount of moisture combined with the hot temperatures will cause our heat index values to rise into the 100's towards the end of the workweek. This is the most intense heat we have seen so far this year.

Make sure to stay hydrated, take breaks to cool off, and wear plenty of sunscreen!