What is an Ozone Alert?

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Posted at 4:41 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2021-06-15 11:01:19-04

Something we often deal with during those hot and hazy summer days, are Ozone Alerts.

An Ozone Alert is issued when conditions are just right for ozone to buildup near the ground.

When winds are light the fumes from gasoline, exhaust from engines, and other air pollutants get trapped and interact with the hot temperatures and bright sunshine to form ozone near the surface.

Those who have respiratory issues, asthma, or COPD, are encouraged to limit time outside on these days. During an ozone alert day, you are encouraged to carpool or ride the bus to work to reduce the amount of pollution in the air, also avoid mowing or filling up your car until later in the evening.