NFL Week 4 picks, predictions: Big Al thinks Patriots and Packers will go unbeaten during the season

TULSA - Who would have thought Baltimore would be 0-3. Or Cincinnati 3-0?

How about this toe tapper...Saints, Lions, Bears all 0-3. Dallas is the only team in the NFC East with a winning record, and many think they have no chance to win the division with all the injuries. Oakland at 2-1, and favored to go 3-1. What a world, this NFL!

Packers and Patriots are the best teams in the league. And you heard it here first - Pack and Pats finish the season 16-0. I'm not saying they make it through the playoffs with 19-0 teams in the Super Bowl, but it could happen.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh - Before the season this had "key matchup" written all over it. With the Ravens 0-3, and Steelers without Big Ben, so much for that. Baltimore wins in field-goal-fest.

New York Jets and Miami - Jets came back to Earth last week, while Dolphins got stampeded by Buffalo. This game is in London, and gets us started on Sunday at 9 a.m. Tough game to pick. How do you measure jet lag. That's it. Go with the hunch. Jets suffer the jet-lag. Dolphins win, 13-10.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis - Quarterback Andrew Luck is a game-time decision. Does it matter when it comes to playing Jacksonville? Colts head coach already feeling the hit. Bad game. Colts, 31-20.

New York Giants at Buffalo - Wide receiver Victor Cruz is back for the Giants. Several big injuries for Bills. Giants escape Niagara Falls with win, 31-27.

Carolina at Tampa - Panthers QB says muscle-bound ref told him he is too young to get the benefit of calls. What? Tampa stinks. Carolina goes 4-0, but a bit of a struggle. Panthers, 29-23.

Philadelphia at Washington - Eagles got untracked last week, but I'm still not convinced. I think Washington brings it this week. Upset special. Washington, 23-21.

Oakland at Chicago - I just can't get my mind around Raiders going 3-1. Just can't. Bears have already given up on season by making trades. Normally this would be the "no comment" game of the week. Taking a chance Bears win game one. Chicago, 14-10.

Houston at Atlanta - Break up the Falcons. Coaching change working miracles with this outfit. Atlanta has come from way out of it to win the last two games. Atlanta wins this one too, 31-20.

Kansas City at Cincinnati - If Chiefs falter here, the season could be a total disaster. Bengals playing well enough to forget about choke jobs of years' past. Bengals continue but close. Cincy, 21-20.

Cleveland at San Diego - This is the "no comment" game of the week. Chargers, 13-10.

Green Bay at San Francisco - A few years back, this would be a marquee matchup. Rodgers has gone by SF QB as if opponent was standing still. Packers roll again, 35-13.

St. Louis at Arizona - Under-the-radar-Cardinals playing with a chip on the shoulder. Rams breathing in the bad air created by fireworks mishap will tire this team by the 4th quarter. How is that for some crazy scientific theory? Disregard that theory. Arizona continues on, 26-12.

Minnesota at Denver - Broncos winning with defense, and that is always a good thing in the NFL. Vikes Peterson finally getting untracked last week. Denver tough at home. Broncos, 23-17.

Detroit at Seattle - Lions claim all the opponents have the Detroit playbook. Interesting concept. Teams trying to take advantage by stealing signs from the sidelines. That's never happened before. Seattle easily, 31-17.

Dallas at New Orleans - This is the last chance for Saints and Drew Brees to save face, because a loss here, and the Saints go marching to a new coaching staff and QB. Rob Ryan may lose his mind in this game, as if he hasn't already. Mild upset. New Orleans, 27-24



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