Big Al's NFL picks: How many will go 0-3?

Posted at 4:26 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-24 17:26:01-04

I loved what Giants coach Tom Coughlin implied after he was asked why he thought his team was still alive despite an 0-2 start.

He basically said every other team stinks too! And he's right.

Let's just end the season right now. Patriots play the Packers in the Super Bowl Oct 4, have a draft in December and play a new season starting in February. I'm all over that!

Nine teams have started 0-2, and the way I see it, there will be at least four remaining without a victory.

Washington at New York Giants - I'm going to give Coughlin his props. Certainly the Giants can't lose a third straight game. Oh wait, they lost six straight last season to start the season. Going Giants here because rumor has it Eli Manning has been given shock treatment to get him out of his dumbness. Giants win 24-10.

Atlanta at Dallas - Two unbeatens but without Romo, Dez, and now tight end Jason Witten, Brandon Weeden hasn't been given a full deck of cards. And the running game hasn't exactly been stellar. I don't see a Cowboys victory. Atlanta on a roll right now, having won their first two. Atlanta 23-21.

Indianapolis at Tennessee - Colts 0-2, coach lambasting QB Luck, things not well in auto racing land, but the Colts are desperate. Marcus Mariota didn't have a bad game in loss last week, and looking to show off in front of home crowd. Give Titans a shot but Colts still win, 31-20.

Oakland at Cleveland - Despite win last week, Manziel gets benched. Never a dull moment in the city by the Erie. Oakland embarrassed in game one, play better away from home. Took Cleveland in the worst game of the week, 13-10.

Jacksonville at New England - Please. Patriots' ways rubbing off on college game Baylor Bears. They don't care. Pats easily 38-10.

New Orleans at Carolina - Panthers flying under radar at 2-0, taking on a QB with a sore shoulder. That is never a good thing. Saints about to fall off the deep end. Carolina 17-13.

Philadelphia at New York Jets - Eagles about ready to be sent to the fraud file. Murray hamstring may keep him out of game, not that it would matter. A total of 30 yards rushing in two games is not what the Eagles had paid for. Jets looking decent under new coach and front office. J.E.T.S. Jets, Jets, Jets go 3-0, 25-21.

Tampa at Houston - Texans have to win one of these games. 14-10 Houston.

San Diego at Minnesota - If this game would be played in December, all over Vikings. Good game because both teams very unpredictable. Go with home team. Vikings 24-21.

Pittsburgh at St. Louis - Steelers are my dark horse pick of the season. Rams crazy outfit. Should be very entertaining, although probably plenty of empty seats, with Cardinals getting close to October. Steelers in a nailbiter 24-23.

San Fran at Arizona - Zona another one of those under the radar types. Defense is stellar. 49ers still trying to find themselves, whatever that means. Something like "we are going back to basics." Cards win 16-10.

Buffalo at Miami - Tough AFC east game. Winner stays in race with Jets and Pats. Loser can say forget it. Miami in another close one,17-14.

Chicago at Seattle - Bears without Cutler. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Seattle gets big time DB back from holdout. Winner gets first win of season. That would be Seattle 31-3.

Kansas City at Green Bay - If you're looking for the Packers to overlook KC after big win vs Seattle last week, forget it. Chiefs reeling after blown game vs Denver. They may not recover for a while. Pack wins 27-10.

Denver at Detroit - Dysfunction in Motor City. What else is new. Lions just don't get it. Reports indicate QB Matthew Stafford has lost the team. It's still early, so Manning's arm not completely shot, but getting close. Defense is winning for Broncos. Lions stay winless. 17-13 Denver.