Bahamas reporter talks Buddy Hield mania

Posted at 5:20 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 18:20:34-04

HOUSTON - Buddy Hield is seen by many in Oklahoma as a hero. He is not only viewed as a hero with the OU basketball fans, but he’s a hero in his own country.

“He could be the Prime Minister of his own country right now,” claims Bahamas News Network reporter Charles Fisher.

Fisher spoke with 2 Works for You Sports Anchor Big Al talking about Hield’s childhood and growing up with a single parent and being one of six siblings.

He says “He (Buddy) grew up with nothing.”

Fisher said Hield’s home country started to pick up on his basketball career about two years ago before the season started. To this day the country is planning on having a grand party to watch the game Saturday.

“All the country will be watching.”

The number 24 has become something of an iconic symbol in the Bahamas with children sporting the number to be more like Hield. Fisher says even his daughter wears the number to show her support for Hield.

When asked how he could be objective when covering the game, Fisher was quick to shake his head and assure Big Al that he couldn't be objective when reporting on Hield.

Check out Big Al’s full interview with Fisher in the player below!