OU Head Coach limits media access after back-up QB's comments on Ohio State defense

Posted at 8:21 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 23:41:00-04

NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops won't allow some of his younger players to speak to the media after freshman backup quarterback Austin Kendall called Ohio State’s defense “very basic” on a Sooner Sports TV show during the week before last Saturday's game.

Kendall also said he expected Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield to light up the Buckeyes, and he felt he’d do the same if called upon. Buckeyes fans who traveled to Norman for Ohio State’s 45-24 victory loudly chanted “Basic Defense!!” after the game.


A clearly irritated Stoops addressed Kendall’s statements Monday during his weekly media conference.

"Ridiculous comments," Stoops said. "That’ll be addressed, as well. I don’t know what he could have been watching, to be honest with you. He must not have watched any tape if he had that to say. It’s no place for it, and sadly for you guys, because of that, there will be a whole bunch of guys no longer available anymore because we can’t trust 'em. That’s just how it will be."

Ohio State linebacker Raekwon McMillan (5) and the Buckeyes rallied behind Kendall's statement.

Stoops said Oklahoma's players are taught not to make negative comments about opponents. He wouldn’t say which specific players would not be accessible.

Stoops said Sooner Sports TV is among those who will have limited access.

"It is ironic that it came from our people," he said. "If you can believe that. They won't be getting guys either, so I'll punish them, how's that? It isn't about that. It's about that I want to put people out there that I know are going to represent the program and say the right things."