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Ryan Gosling sent Greta Gerwig a flash mob of Kens and Barbies

Greta Gerwig makes history at the box office with ‘Barbie’
Posted at 9:30 AM, Aug 07, 2023

“Barbie” director Greta Gerwig has a lot to celebrate.

Not only does she now hold the record for the biggest opening weekend ever by a female director, but the film is also now the only billion-dollar female-directed film. To top that all off, she also recently celebrated her 40th birthday and received a big surprise from actor Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken in the film.

Gosling sent a flash mob of Kens to Gerwig while she was at what appears to be an exercise studio. In a video posted to the “Barbie” movie’s official TikTok account, a group of Kens are seen lip-syncing and dancing to Gossling’s song in the film, “I’m Just Ken,” before the music switches to Dua Lip’s “Dance the Night Away” as a group of Barbies also join in on the fun.


As Kens know…. Sometimes the only way to express your feelings is through song & dance! Ken Ryan sent these special Barbies and Kens to start Greta’s birthday with all the feelings!! 📷 @Christine Crais

♬ original sound – Barbie Movie

Gerwig appears not only surprised, but also emotional, wiping tears away and laughing while the group dances and yells “Happy Birthday.” The director then gives the members of the flash mob hugs and thanks them.

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The person recording the video asks Gerwig if she knows who could have sent the flash mob and when she says she “has no idea,” they reveal that it was Gosling by telling her to “think of the bagpipes,” a reference to when Gosling sent a bagpiper to a “Barbie” sleepover event that he couldn’t attend.

Scott Garfitt/Invision/AP

While the film is making history thanks to Gerwig, there are also a handful of other Blockbuster films with female directors including “Wonder Woman,” directed by Patty Jenkins and “Captain Marvel,” which was co-directed by Anna Boden.

As for “Barbie,” the film has not only skyrocketed at the box office, but has also inspired so much merchandise that it lead to a shortage of pink paint and items like nail polish, a line of Barbie dolls specifically for the film and even a Barbie Dreamhouse Xbox console.

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