Being asked to return to work? Know your rights

Posted at 1:44 PM, Apr 27, 2020

As America rebounds from the coronavirus crisis, there could be new challenges as companies ask employees to return to workplaces.

· Many childcare places are still closed.
· Households could still have people recovering from COVID-19.
· Workers could still be considered high-risk.

Nonprofit Workplace Fairness says you should know your rights.

“If you're completely healthy and you just want to stay home, because you want to stay at home, which it can be understandable given the circumstances, but your employer can still compel you to come to the office, unfortunately,” said Edgar Ndjatou, Executive Director at Workplace Fairness.

Ndjatou says the pandemic has brought out the best and worst in companies. Some are not honoring employment laws or being worker friendly.

They say there will be new expectations in the office, like social distancing and protective equipment such as masks, as well as new safety practices like temperature checks and testing.

“The employers that were honest about employees about the situation and what they can and cannot do might find themselves in a better position as the economy starts to open up or take a turn for the better,” said Ndjatou.

Ndjatou thinks many employers won't try to rush people back. has resources and information, so you can know your rights as a worker.