Tulsa Trump rally "disappointing" after protestors show

Posted at 10:52 PM, Oct 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-17 23:52:08-04

TULSA — A stand for president Trump heats up when people with opposing views clashed.

Supporters held rallies in cities across the country to symbolize they are backing him during the impeachment inquiry.

Tulsa's rally turned into a shouting match.

Bob Jack, Tulsa County Republican Party Chairman and co-organizer of the Tulsa “March for Women” rally, Thursday, says, "He's going to have a great election, and he's going to be our next president after this election."

The modest turnout grew with rage after a handful of protesters showed up.

Frank Grove says, “We came to disrupt this event. We want them to be aware that not everybody in Oklahoma supports Trump."

Grove's flag was torn in the clash.

“It represents the Kurdish people in Syria and beyond."

One man in the huddle yelled, "Can we not get in a fight?"

Things calmed down, and ramped up again.

Steve Malinowski, Trump supporter, says “They don't have an understanding about the ten commandments and why they should act morally and ethically. That's why I support Trump."

The flag tug-of-war eventually stopped when two police officers showed up.

Jack says, "A lot of negative issues going on. We just need to stay positive as Republicans and support our president."

Grove says, "I think he should be impeached, of course. He's violated so many laws, at this point.

The gathering is in association with the Women for America march held in Washing D.C and across the country. Many walked away disappointed with how it turned out for Tulsa.