Truck stolen from driveway Christmas morning in Broken Arrow

Posted at 9:09 PM, Dec 26, 2019

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — UPDATE: The son of Terry Underwood says his dad's truck was found a few blocks from their home with a couple items stolen from inside. He says someone noticed the truck after watching the story on KJRH.


A man got something worse than coal for Christmas.

Terry Underwood says he woke up yesterday to an empty driveway and his Chevy truck gone.

Underwood is a social security disability recipient. He moved in with his son, Terry Underwood, to cut costs.

Now, with the truck stolen, expenses are even higher.

Underwood’s son says they are feeling, "Sad, upset. He has no way of transportation. My car -- it's hard for him to get in and out of because it's so low. It's unfortunate."

The family says the thief got away so easily because the keys were left inside the vehicle. It is a mistake they say will never happen again.

If anyone spots the truck, they are asked to call Broken Arrow Police.