OKC store, Nearly New, receives backlash for post to mom: ‘We're sorry your kid has you as a mother'

Posted at 11:11 AM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 12:11:02-04

OKLAHOMA CITY – A clothing consignment store is dealing with backlash after making comments about a mother and her toddler on its Facebook page.

The store, Nearly New, was recently given an online review of one star by customer Caitlin Esparza, reports KFOR.

Esparza posted saying “The owners (or workers I’m not sure) of this store are absolutely hateful. They were extremely rude to me because my two year old daughter kept knocking a pillow off of their pleather sofa. I kept asking my daughter not to do it, but she’s two years old and there is only so much she can handle. She wasn’t touching the merchandise or breaking things … she was knocking a pillow off the couch (not even onto the floor because it was attached to the sofa). They accused me of not parenting my child and when I told them I was going to give them a bad review, they said good because it would keep people like me out of the store. And then when I left with my daughter while my friend was checking out, they tried to speak badly about me to my best friend. If you don’t want children in your store, you should post a sign stating such. Also, half the dresses my friend tried on were stained or torn. I purchased a dress there earlier in the day, but of course they have a no returns policy, so I can’t even take it back. They were rude to me and they have my money!!! Overall, a terrible experience and I would not recommend this store, especially if you have children.”

Then Nearly New, the store, posted underneath Esparza’s review saying “It is our responsibility to keep every shopper at our store safe. Even kids who want to walk on furniture and run wildly unattended. If her child would have hurt herself I’m sure we would have been blamed as well. We’re sorry your kid has you as a mother. We sincerely hope she doesn’t suffer because of your inabilities [sic] as act as a parent.”

Several reviews have been posted since the incident, with some supporting the store and others supporting Esparza’s.

Tana Cobb said “I love this store and the people there have always been wonderful. It is a special store and offers so many beautiful items at a great price. I raised twin girls and never took them to a dress shop until they were older. Some stores are just not made for children. But anyway, this store gets a 5-star from me.”

While Kelly Kasper posted “The customer service in this shop is non-existent! The employees are beyond rude, and extremely condescending! I will never shop here ever again, I refuse to put money in the pockets of people who find it acceptable to treat their customers with such disrespect! There are way to many small businesses that I'd rather support that actually care about the their customers. Plus this store is not anything to brag about, that's why I'm shocked that they would want to lose any of the business they have! Hopefully people will see the importance of being treated with respect and stop giving business to stores like this one. Nobody should be treated like crap anywhere, and it'd be awesome to see everyone stop supporting these types of places. It ridiculous that I've read SO many complaints from customers! That is why I'm adding my complaint, the public deserves to be warned about places like this! Then they can be sure and avoid any unpleasant experiences others have had the misfortune if experiencing here!”

KFOR reports that a man who identified himself as Caitlin Esparza’s husband, Nate Esparza, and father of the child posted “Wow, I’m said kids father, and if your gonna [sic] talk like that to someone especially my wife and be a big bad keyboard warrior, I’m more than happy to swing into your store and we can have a ‘conversation’ about my wife’s and my parenting. My daughter is a handful not going to lie about that, but she’s 2, and she’s living those ‘terrible 2s’ [sic] to the fullest. Sound like you don’t have any, and if this is the way your [sic] going to treat’em please do everyone a favor and keep it that way.”

After her initial post, KFOR reports, Caitlin Esparza wrote a message to her supporters saying
“I’m sorry that you do not have an open heart to children and cannot see that I was trying to look after her while also trying to help you make a sale as my friend did purchase a dress from your store. God gave the world two year olds to help people learn patience and realize that the world is a place to explore. They are frustrating a lot of the time, but they bring so much joy. I pray that god will help you to open your heart and realize motherhood is the hardest thing we as women do. I want to thank you all for your support and I hope you all never have to endure something like this. Being a mom is by far the hardest job I’ve ever had. We’re all just trying to make it in this crazy world, and it makes it so much better when you have support from people who are not judgmental. Spread love people!!!”