Report: Armed man who attacked workers at Pennsylvania mental facility has been subdued

Posted at 2:19 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 17:35:29-05

HOMESTEAD, Pa. - Police have subdued an armed man who reportedly attacked workers at a mental health facility in Homestead, Pennsylvania, a town just outside of Pittsburgh.

An employee told WTAE-TV that the unidentified man got off an elevator and engaged in conversation with several workers. The employee said the man suddenly pulled out a gun and began assaulting people. The employee told WTAE she immediately hid under a desk when she saw the man pull out the gun.

According to the employee, the man said he was angry over incidents that happened during his time at the facility as a patient. The employee said the man did not fire his gun but apparently had a knife and stabbed some workers.

Another employee inside the building told a WTAE reporter that she and several others were hiding in a locked office during the ordeal. The worker said she knew of at least two people who were stabbed and another person who was pistol-whipped.

WTAE reported that police were able to apprehend the man after he was shot during a confrontation with officers. There is no immediate word on his condition.

The number of injured workers, or their conditions, has not been confirmed.

The 5-story Turtle Creek Valley Mental Hospital is an outpatient facility that also serves as a temporary residence for mental health patients.