Talala woman says diesel pump filled her car with gasoline

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jan 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-05 19:38:25-05

A truck filled with the wrong gas...that's what happened to one Talala woman.

Kelli Parker says she filled up her diesel truck at the Owasso Sam's Club on Christmas Eve...not realizing that what came out of that pump was pure gasoline.

“I'm like this should not be happening!” she said.

Calling a tow truck was the last thing Parker wanted to do on Christmas while running last minute errands.

But that day, her 2015 Dodge truck gave her no choice.

“It would just crank, it would not start,” she said.

Parker filled up at Sam's Club just minutes before...nothing she says out of the ordinary.

Until a mechanic delivered the bad news.

“He called and he said 'Your diesel tank has gas in it. That's what your problem is.' Well I was certain I had pumped diesel.” said Parker.

Repair bills racked up to be nearly $500.

Now she wants Sam's Club to pay up.

“If they can't stand behind what they sell, they're not doing us any good as customers,” she said.

2 Works for You called Sam's Club to find out what happened. Representatives confirm there was a one-hour mixup at one pump on December 24th. The pump marked 'Diesel' contained unleaded gasoline.

They tell us the pump was quickly shut down once workers were notified of the problem and flushed out.

Now they say all pumps are fully operational.

Representatives say their priority is working with Parker who says she's ready to move past it.

“Make sure you're buying quality, because it can sure mess you up,” she said.

Experts say if you find the wrong fuel in your tank, the best thing is to tow it and have your tank drained.

They say turning on your engine could make it worse and more expensive.