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Owasso mother struggles to get birth certificate for 9-month-old daughter

Posted at 7:07 AM, Dec 16, 2021

OWASSO, Okla. — An Oklahoma mother said she waited nearly nine months for her newborn daughter’s birth certificate.

At nine months old, baby Reagan's mom, Kristi, said the process of getting a birth certificate has been a nightmare. Because Reagan’s mom and dad aren't legally married, they were told the process would be a little different.

"They gave us the forms to bring home,” Kristi said. “[They] told us that we would need copies of IDs and all of that other stuff."

Also on that list was an application of paternity.

"The hospital had also given us an affidavit of paternity that was notarized and signed, so I wanted to make sure that was the only two things they needed," Kristi said.

She adds the communication from the Oklahoma State Department of Health was lacking, when her requests for phone calls to explain the process went unanswered.

"I told [Reagan’s] dad, I’m going to just send this in with a check and hope that it's right,” Kristi said.

She said she sent those documents to the OSDH in April and her check showed it was "cashed" by the department in May.

Weeks went by and Kristi said she heard nothing. She decided to send an email asking what was happening.

"I screenshot where they printed the check from my bank account and screenshot the email form before where they said they had originally got it in May, “she said. “And she stated the finance department hadn't gotten the check until July and that was what was holding it up."

Confused, Kristi sent more emails asking about her daughter's birth certificate. Months later, after lots of back and forth, Kristi received another email.

"They sent me an email that said I didn't send in the application of paternity."

Kristi had documents to prove this wasn't the case, but after more emails and phone calls, she called the 2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers.

Our team made calls to the Tulsa Health Department. Its people asked us to let the OSDH State Registrar know about Kristi's concern.

"It was probably a couple of hours, and I got a phone call from a supervisor from the Oklahoma City office,” Kristi said.

Her issues, she said, were finally being investigated and all her seemingly missing paperwork was found.

A week later, she received Reagan’s birth certificate.

"I told the mail lady how excited I was,” Kristi said. “She was so funny about it. I said I've been waiting on this piece of mail for 8 or 9 months."

Those with the State's Vital Records said if you find yourself in this situation, you can always send an email to

The department said it has seen a larger than normal increase in the number of requests for birth record amendments because of some discrepancies in their names over the last two years. It said this increase has created longer processing times.

The most effective way to order a record is online, according to the department. Orders that do not require legal changes are processed and placed in the mail within two business days. Online orders can also be picked up, by appointment, as Will Call at any of the three locations, including Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and McAlester.

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