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Oklahoma woman avoids fines after identity mixup

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Posted at 3:52 PM, Feb 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 19:39:20-05

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma woman is warning others after her a case of mistaken identity had her jumping through hoops to avoid a hefty fine.

Sharon Miller says she was sewing at her home near Keystone Lake when a letter from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety arrived was sewing.

"I was so furious, I was making myself sick," Miller says. "They had canceled my license. I thought, 'How can they do that?'"

According to the letter, Miller hadn't paid a $110 speeding ticket from Tulsa County, but she knew it had to be a mistake.

"I hardly drive, I'm usually home," she says.

The letter and citation had her correct name, address and date of birth, but the vehicle listed was not hers. With her license now suspended, when Miller does need to get out, she'd have to depend on her husband and his truck.

"He's got to tote me around now, I'm sure that's pleasant."

Records show there are at least 102 Sharon Millers in Oklahoma — nearly half of them around Tulsa. She says she's dealt with mistaken identity before.

"It makes me want to change my name, I mean, at the doctor's office, there's another Sharon Miller, and they had me down as having six kids," she says.

She says she thought it would be simple to solve her suspended license, and called DPS.

She says she was told she had to pay the $110 ticket, then go to court to tell a judge about the mistaken ID — and if cleared up — pay $50 to get her license reinstated.

"I think if anybody in Oklahoma has a license, it could happen to them. whether they drive or not."

When Miller called the Problem Solvers for help, we got in touch with DPS and suggested she contact the District Attorney's office as well. She says folks there bent over backward to help, and after doing a little research, dismissed the ticket, without her having to pay it. It did cost $50 to get her license back, but a DPS representative says Sharon will get a refund for that too.

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