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Lack of notice from PSO causes concern for a Broken Arrow family

Posted at 2:24 PM, Nov 15, 2021

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — When utility work is scheduled around a home, homeowners are usually notified. But when that notification fell between the cracks for a Broken Arrow family, it sparked safety and crime concerns.

On the Friday before Halloween, Jack Hamilton came home, to find something scary.Some sort of cable snaking through this backyard hooked up to his PSO breaker box on his house.

"We have a dog, so the first thing I thought was our dog is going to eat that line and we're going to have a fried dog," he said.

Hamilton said it looked like the connection was made haphazardly.

"It looked like someone is stealing power, we're not sure, what's going on, because nobody told us."

He said he and his wife called PSO, who told them they'd have a worker out the next day, on Saturday. When no one showed up, they called again but found out it would be Sunday before a repairman could get out.

Hamilton told 2 News when that didn't happen, they contacted the Problem Solvers, and 2 News touched base with PSO.

And what he eventually found out about that cable, Hamilton says, still concerned them.

"It was a power line to the house, so all the power that came to the house went thru that line."

PSO tells us a worker did go to Hamilton's house to check on the complaint, who recognized the connection was a temporary hookup, not energy theft. Although Jack says PSO never notified them.

A representative told the Problem Solvers a flickering light problem was reported earlier in the neighborhood, which has underground wiring. The first service worker couldn't resolve the issue right away, so PSO says he made a safe, temporary connection from Jack's breaker box to the transformer in the backyard, which serves two neighbors.

Crews later arrived to dig up the underground connection, and restored normal service.

Jack and his wife are just relieved in the days after Halloween, they're now thankful they have answers, and their scare is over.

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