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Facebook scam sends people to victim's house to buy items

Posted at 8:25 AM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 09:25:09-04

TULSA, Okla. — Jennifer Henegar loved Facebook for the reason most people do.

“I was able to keep up with siblings and nieces and nephews and cousins,” she said.

The connection it provides, right at our fingertips. When a high school friend reached out, she was happy to chat.

“We’d been talking and just kinda catching up - I thought - about her recent move and her sister, so it was vague, but it was enough that I thought it was her,” said Henegar.

And when her friend asked her to purchase some items from her business, she was happy to help.

“My guard was down because we’d been talking for days,” she said.

Within minutes of providing personal information and clicking a link that appeared to be from her "friend", she knew she had made a terrible mistake.

“By the time I got back in control of my phone they had changed the email address on my Facebook and the password,” she said.

She no longer had control of her Facebook account, but somebody else did and they bombarded local Buy, Sell & Trade pages.

“They were selling golden doodles, then they’d be selling yorkies,” said Henegar.

Then there was an itemized list of furniture. The scammers clearly weren't new to this.

“They've got pictures of the dogs and they send video of a puppy playing,” she said.

They also sent people to Henegar’s doorstep, to collect purchases.

Henegar said it’s been going on nine months and is taking its toll.

“They are using my good character and my face and stealing money from people and that's not what I'm about,” she said.

She filed a police report, and asked Facebook for help.

Protect your Facebook account by:

  • Keep your friend's list private, and only allow your friends on Facebook to see your posts and pictures.
  • If someone wants to chat, ask them some specific questions  
  • If you are buying something don't exchange any money until you see it in person

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