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Enticing cell phone offer leaves Owasso family with $1,000 bill to pay

Posted at 9:05 AM, Aug 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-16 14:35:48-04

OWASSO, Okla. — For Michael Peterson and his family in Owasso, AT&T has been the go-to company for going on two decades now.

From the days of landlines to years of cell service and internet connection. But now, those days, those years of loyalty, may be numbered.

"I've grown very frustrated and angry with AT&T," Peterson said.

At the end of last year, Peterson decided to splurge on a new, thousand-dollar iPhone 12, but only, he says, because AT&T was offering a $700 credit for trading in an older, working phone.

But several months after sending in his old phone, He said there was no credit, and no return of his trade-in, leaving him owing big bucks.

"I told AT&T, you've taken my phone, that's the same as theft, they said they don't care, they said we're not giving you your phone back."

Peterson acknowledged he sent in some wrong paperwork at first but says he quickly corrected it and was told his credit would hit his account.

But since then, he said, crickets.

"They're not honoring their word, people promise to help you, the local AT&T office here promised to help me and get back to me, not a word or an email out of them."

Peterson said he's called and called and called. A baker's dozen of calls, at last count, some calls lasting hours. He's jotted down meticulous notes of every one of those calls. Finding himself having to repeat his story every time. From the beginning every time.

"It's extremely frustrating dealing with AT&T," he said.

On hold, forever it seemed, Peterson said, then transferred back and forth to at least five different departments.

"I don't know why AT&T can't figure it out, every department you talk to points their finger at another department."

Finally, Peterson decided to go to small claims court, but the cyber-attack on the city of Tulsa hacked those plans, put them on hold for weeks.

"Right now, I'm stumped, AT&T won't do anything for me."

So the 2News Oklahoma Problem Solvers got in touch with AT&T and sent them a copy of Peterson's notes and emails.

AT&T responded the next day. We didn't get any details as to why the situation dragged on for several months, but a representative did tell us "... we credited the customer's account, and he's satisfied with the resolution."

2 News Oklahoma checked back with Peterson, and he said he received his $700 promotional credit, plus some additional credits. He said the resolution easily exceeded his expectations.

When dealing with customer service situations:

  • Take detailed notes from every call, just as Michael did.
  • Keep track of the date and time of the call and the agent's name and ID number if available.
  • Make sure you ask the agent to put notes in your account.
  • And if you chat with a rep, make sure you keep a copy of the chat for future reference.

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