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East Tulsa business thrives despite nearby traffic issues

Posted at 10:36 AM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 11:36:55-04

TULSA, Okla. — Construction projects in Tulsa provide a challenge to local businesses, but a stoplight issue near 55th Street and Garnett hasn't stopped the Corn Popper.

"There are a lot of people who say I've lived here all my life and I never knew you were over here,” says Kallen Means, who works at the Corn Popper.

The business has been there for the last 40 years and recently he's had to fight stalled traffic just to get to work, and then to go home.

"That does get a little frustrating if I'm running late," Means says.

The traffic lights at 55th and Garnett, have been out for more than three weeks, and the four-way stop, at times, was backing traffic up for a half a mile. Drivers, who would usually rush right on by, sat in traffic instead, and took notice of the Corn Popper.

Rusty Henson works at the Corn Popper, too.

"We actually had 3 this morning come in and said I didn't know you guys existed, and they stopped through, and we showed them everything that we had, and we'll be back," said Rusty Henson, another worker at the Corn Popper.

But when driving around here, some folks, like Steve Manning say, you need a big dose of patience, along with that big bag of popcorn.

"Be careful, and watch out for that other guy, he may not be as patient as you are."

John Russell, manager at the Corn Popper says he hasn't figured out why it's taking so long to get fixed.

"I don't know why it's not getting fixed," Russell says. "The light, it does back traffic up quite a bit, especially at rush hour, people trying to get home, you've got kids to pick up at 5 o'clock and you're running 45 minutes late because of a light."

After all the complaints, 2 News got in touch with the city, and found out a private utility crew had cut power to the traffic lights, and they were responsible to make repairs.

Two bouts of winter weather stalled workers a bit, but soon those repairs were completed.

"It's nice for us, it keeps us busy."

As for the folks at the Corn Popper, they hope to keep ripping more receipts off that register.

It's not often a business stuck in the middle of tangled traffic, along with those drivers, doesn't complain.

"Not when they're stopped, staring right at us, you might as well come in, you ain't going nowhere."


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