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Combat Veterans Motorcycle Associations helps veterans in need

Posted at 3:37 PM, Nov 13, 2023

TULSA, Okla. — Veterans say resources to help veterans in need seem to be scarce, so they’re grouping together, to help each other.

2 News found Elmer Floyd relaxing on his front porch, with his new best friend by his side, a dog named Sarge.

The first time we talked to Elmer, we found out he served in the Marines.

We were there to find out more about a $500 water bill he’d received because the city didn’t know his water meter hadn’t been working for more than a year.

“I tried to fight with them about it, but it didn’t do no good,” Elmer says.

Even though the city broke that big bill into 12 months, Elmer says it still took a big bite out of his fixed-income budget.

Especially since Elmer says he was still paying for thousands of dollars in damage from that big Father’s Day windstorm back in the summer.

“I just manage, I had to do what I got to do.”

After hearing our story about Elmer, folks came out of the woodwork to help, ordinary folks who had a little extra to offer.

Veteran back billed for water

Including the Tulsa chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

“We’re blessed to be able to help people in some great ways,” Rick Anderson told us.

We had the chance to chat with Anderson, known to his buddies as Sunshine.

He heads up that veteran’s group.

“As most vets know, there’s not a lot of resources out there to help us. Helping each other is the most effective way.” Vets, helping vets.

Their mission after their military service-- to raise money, to help other veterans in the community and in Veteran care facilities.

It might be a warm meal or some clothes.

Maybe it’s a place to stay and some guidance. In Elmer’s case, some cash to get through a rough patch.
“It’s an absolutely amazing feeling, especially since many of us have been in his situation before. And don’t have somebody to offer that handout,” Rick “Sunshine” Anderson says.

The Problem Solvers arranged with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, a non-profit group, to collect money folks wanted to donate to Elmer.

And on a bright, sunny autumn weekend, Sunshine and other vets in the group hand-delivered a check to Elmer for more than $2,000.

Enough to take care of his big water bill, and those other repairs he needed after the Father's Day windstorm.

We asked Elmer what it was like to get help from people he didn’t even know.

“I would thank you, thank you very much, and I appreciate the help.”

Elmers says he’s never been one to ask for a handout. His pride just wouldn’t allow it, he says.

So he’s grateful. His fellow vets say it’s simply a thank you and a message to others that veterans are always welcome home.

“We are honored to be able to provide that assistance,” Rick Anderson says.

To support and defend those who’ve defended our country, and our freedom, Sunshine says.

Veterans like Elmer, and yes, even his best friend, Sarge.

For more information about the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association or to donate to their year-round efforts, go to their website.

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