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12 Scams of Christmas, Day 7: porch pirates

Posted at 10:00 PM, Dec 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-13 14:35:26-05

TULSA, Okla. — Porch pirates can strike all year long, but they kick their crime into high gear during the holidays.

They can quickly become the Grinch who stole Christmas. In fact, the Tulsa County DA's office says seven people are charged under the state's new porch pirate law.

But the 2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers tell us all may not be lost, as we count down the 12 scams of Christmas.

What was planned to be under the tree, for some families, may be missing, at least for a while, after porch pirates stole those gifts and other deliveries, right from their front door, after they were delivered.

Melissa, said it happened to her family, "We ordered a high-priced video game for our kids. We were notified it had been delivered, but it was missing when we got home. Come to find out, we heard other deliveries had been stolen in our neighborhood. We were really upset, heartbroken really. We can't afford to buy another for our kids."

In some cases, though, there could be hope.

"I think a lot of people wouldn't realize that if a gift got stolen from them that they would have coverage," says Jason Metz, an insurance analyst. He tells us your insurance covers packages taken from the front porch. Even gifts stolen or damaged from your home.

"If you have home renters or condo insurance, you know, you're covered for your personal property. And until you give that gift away, it is your personal property."

What if you're shopping at a mall and items get swiped from your car? "They would have coverage in their home insurance."

The one thing to consider -- most plans have deductibles -- and filing a claim could raise your premiums.

"If it's a $1,000 laptop, you kind of have to do that calculus, like is it worth filing a claim paying a $500 deductible and only getting $500 back?"

If you're a renter, plans can run just about $15 a month for about $30,000 in coverage.

For homeowners, about $100 a month.

Metz says, "All the who's in Whoville would have done all right, regardless of the Grinch's change of heart, if they had renters or homeowners' insurance."

Metz says when it comes to porch pirates, You may have to prove an item was delivered and swiped from your home.

A video camera or doorbell camera can make the claims process easier.

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