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Westfall & Son: A family legacy where life imitates art

Posted at 1:00 PM, May 05, 2022
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TULSA, Okla. — It’s time for Mayfest in downtown Tulsa, and among the many artists, you'll find there is Christopher Westfall.

The popular local Artist’s story stretches all the way back to the age of 6. That’s when a teacher noticed his natural artistic ability and sought out his parents.

"She said your son has a lot of talent, and you should help him pursue that," says Christopher Westfall.

As a result, Christopher has pursued art for most of his life, but it wasn't until he was about 30 years old that painting became his full-time job.

"I met my wife and had painted as a hobby. She found my pictures in the closet that I just did for myself, and she took them and got me in my first gallery," says Christopher.

Now a celebrated fine art painter, Christopher's works have been shown in The Gilcrease Museum, The Philbrook Museum of Art, and The National Cowboy Museum. He's an Oklahoma art show staple, well known for his abstracts, landscapes, and famous landmarks.

"I've become well known for what I call my Rainscapes. They were mostly of Tulsa at dusk right after it rained with the light glowing on the ground," says Christopher.

Christopher's art has won international awards, but his most significant work isn't hanging on a wall but painting on the easel beside him. It seems Christopher's natural artistic ability has passed on to his 8-year-old son, Max.

"He would watch me paint when he was little, probably in diapers," says Christopher.

"It is really cool to watch him, so I decided to start painting. I love to create!" says Max.

Max took part in his first art show as a toddler. At Art on Main in Jenks, he made his first sale.

"He was out there, and I think he had about 15 paintings and sold eight paintings that day…and he was 3 ½!" says Christopher.

Now a second-grader, Max just sold nine paintings at the Festival of the Arts in Oklahoma City. He was the youngest vendor there. He has a piece for sale at Tulsa's Mayfest, and his art is in Philbrook as well. When 2 News Oklahoma asked Max where he gets his inspiration, he said, "I just kind of have my imagination ready to do any painting I want."

Painting has taught Max bigger picture lessons too. "He's got his own website, his own money, and he's his own little business so far," says Christopher.

Max is saving up for something special. "I really want to buy some thunder tickets," he says.

Because making memories with Dad is the most valuable part.

"It makes me feel happy," says Max.

"I'm excited that he's excited about it. We're excited about anything that he's excited about," says Christopher.

For the Westfalls, it's a family legacy where life imitates art.

"When I grow up, I want to be an artist, like my dad," says Max.

You can find Christopher Westfall's booth at the local section of Mayfest and here. Max's art can be found here.

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