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Valentine roses that give back

A New Leaf
Posted at 1:00 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 19:47:32-05

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Valentine's Day is around the corner, and A New Leaf, a local non-profit, is ready to help with your flowers.

While A New Leaf's Broken Arrow greenhouse is filled with rosebuds, this is a place where people bloom.

For 43 years, A New Leaf has served adults with developmental disabilities and Autism.

"We try to help them find a path that they can be successful. People with disabilities are citizens of our country and our community, and they want to give back, they want to earn a living, they want to do everything we do," says Mary Ogle, Chief Executive Officer of A New Leaf.

The non-profit works with around 400 clients providing residential services, life skills, and job training; most of the work has to do with horticulture.

"I've learned how to take care of flowers; I've learned how much soil to put in the flowers; I learned what kind of soil you need to use for flowers. All good stuff," says client Kari Inman.

While A New Leaf sells plants year-round, for Valentine's Day, they're getting special succulents and roses ready. Over the next few days, 5,000 roses will be trimmed, tucked, and artfully arranged.

"Our clients are professional bouquet makers!" exclaims Ogle.

Not only do the clients put the bouquets together, but they'll deliver for free in the Tulsa metro too.

"They go up to each residence and deliver the roses to whoever your person is, and I think that's their favorite part- delivering," says Ogle.

Ogle adds that customers really like interacting with the clients, and the clients like the satisfaction of earning their own paycheck.

"Makes me feel good," says client Krista Pine.

"So when you buy your roses from us or any of your flowers from us, you are hopefully getting points with your Valentine, but you're also giving back to people with a disability," says Ogle.

And they are helping people flourish through flowers.

"Happy Valentine's... come out and buy roses from us," says client Whitney McColum.

There's still time to place an order for your roses from A New Leaf. You can buy two dozen, a dozen, or a half dozen.

You'll find a link right here. The non-profit is also known for its Christmas Poinsettias, Easter Lilies, and garden center.

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