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Tulsan plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to incite change

Ben Wade with Water Projects for Overland Missions
Posted at 10:11 AM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 17:31:37-05

TULSA, Okla. — A passion project is taking a Tulsa man to the top of the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

"I just really felt like it was the Lord telling me, hey, I want you to do this so people can get clean water and get the word out," says Ben Wade.

So his life calling has turned into the climb of his life.

"I just really want to be that catalyst of change," he says.

Ben's the Director of Water Projects for Overland Missions, a Christian ministry touching lives in some of the most remote places on earth. Places like Zambia, where clean water is life-changing.

"More than 16-hundred kids die a day from unclean drinking water," says Ben.

For the past seven years, Ben has repaired broken wells and trained Zambia leaders to fix them.

"We're basically fixing wells that have been broken for 5, 7, 12 years sometimes and really seeing the impact and transformation in the community," says Ben.

Now, this Tulsan is taking his mission to the next level. He's climbing Africa's tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, to raise money and awareness in Climb for a Change fundraiser.

"I consider this kind of like an adult jogathon. The trip's paid for, so I'm just asking people to donate toward the cause so all the money that will go toward this, it's going to go to help pump repairs in Zambia," says Ben

According to Ben, each fix averages around $1000, and he has his sights set on 250 repairs.

"$250,000 would be my goal," he says.

And while Ben knows reaching his goal won't be easy, he says it's an uphill climb for the people he serves too.

"They're doing a climb for themselves in development. They don't have clean access to water or sanitation, they're lacking healthcare and education, those are all the things they need to progress to have a destiny on their life," says Ben.

So Ben's stepping up to help, Oklahoman climbing mountains to change the world.

"They need clean drinking water. If it takes me to climb a mountain to do it, I'm happy to do it!" says Ben.

Ben's Climb is set for early March. If you'd like to donate to his mission, click here.

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