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Tulsa gym trainer works out ways to give back to community

Damyko Busby with school supplies
Posted at 11:06 AM, Aug 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 19:47:21-04

"Three-ring binders, expo markers, and Crayolas."

Damyko Busby owns The Training Room, a Tulsa new facility that provides clients the ability to work out without worrying about COVID.

"Once you come in, we assign you to a rack over here," Busby said while pointing out one of his workout stations.

Those racks are six to eight feet apart and include everything needed to get fit.

"All of this is me for 30 minutes while everyone else is at least 6 feet apart," he said.

Busby's gym also features HEPA equipment, two garage doors that open to allow fresh air, the ability to contact trace should someone test positive, and kickboxing with pads.

"It makes it to where you're a lot less susceptible to hyperextension of your joints and you're able to get a really great cardio workout," Busby said.

But in addition to protecting his clients from COVID, Busby is also providing school supplies for families who might need some extra help.

"We have over 30 backpacks, we have over 15 lunch boxes and this is all for elementary school children."

Busby is a local guy who says growing up in Tulsa and attending Tulsa Public Schools as a kid, made it easy for him to decide to help others. He's not alone. Busby says his clients have joined in because the focus at The Training Room is the community.

"Everybody has chipped in from inside The Training Room to come together, and go out and buy as much school supplies as we possibly can."

Busby says families needing school supplies can visit The Training Room Facebook page, send him a message, and set up a time to come by.

"This is our first year as a business," Busby said. "And we're already in the position to be able to help out our community and just do wonderful things."

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