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Ellen McAulay celebrates 105th birthday

Ellen McAulay
Posted at 4:00 AM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 19:56:01-04

TULSA, Okla. — According to Centenarians of Oklahoma, a non-profit honoring Oklahomans who reach the age of 100 and above, there are 18 105-year-olds in our state.

This week, we add one more to the list. Ellen McAulay turns 105 on Thursday.

"My birthday is on May the 26th, 1917," says Ellen.

She's a centenarian who savors her screentime.

"My favorite pastime is playing casino games on my iPad," says Ellen.

Every day this gaming great-granny loves to spin to win. The games on her iPad are just for fun, but as Ellen tells it, Lady Luck's been on her side throughout her life.

Her story began right here in Oklahoma during World War I.

"I was born in Okmulgee and lived there many years," says Ellen.

She was one of six children. "I had four brothers and one sister," says Ellen.

After graduating from St. Anthony's Catholic School, she went on to work in Fort Sill's Commissary during World War II.

"Every time they unloaded a carload of boys in the army, all the girls that lived in Fort Sill were there to meet them at night. So it turned out to be a real nice place to work," says Ellen.

Tulsa is where Ellen found true love. She met her husband, Walter, in the youth group at Holy Family Cathedral. She says her wedding day is one of her most cherished memories.

"We would have been married 65 years if he had lived," says Ellen.

The McAulays had five children in just ten years, and now Ellen has 36 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When asked for her best parenting advice, she said, "You can't forever tell them what to do; I found that out, ha!"

Ellen's family says staying active is one of the things that's kept her so young at heart. She played golf until she was 92, did her taxes up until last year, and still enjoys occasional outings to the casino. Ellen is believed to be Montereau's oldest resident. However, she may have an advantage. It seems longevity runs in her genes.

"My mother was 102; she would have been 103 in another month when she died," says Ellen.

Ellen's baby brother, Jack, is 96. He surprised her with a birthday blessing from the Pope. A wonderful gift Ellen tells us since she credits her faith for her good fortune.

"I have always prayed at night before I go to bed, and I think that's helped me get through the next day," says Ellen.

And each day, even at 105, Ellen still takes two walks, that's before and after her iPad.

Ellen McAulay is a birthday girl whose story reminds us that a bit of luck never hurts.

"I'm real lucky... lucky with the family I have, yes, very lucky," says Ellen.

Ellen's family is planning a big party to celebrate this weekend. We've added a link with more about Centenarians of Oklahoma here.

Tune in Thursday at 6 p.m. to hear more of this story on 2 News Oklahoma.

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