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Broken Arrow stylist creates national buzz

Rachel Taylor in Sports Clips
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 19:20:09-04

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow stylist representing Oklahoma in a National competition did better than anyone ever has in our state. Rachel Taylor's story is of transformation, both for herself and her models.

She took part in the Sport Clips "The Look" competition. "'The Look' competition is a competition for our stylists within Sport Clips. It gives them the opportunity to really show their creative side," says Sport Clips Area Coach Stefanie Irvin. Irvin adds the company has more than 1,800 stores in the U.S. and Canada. She encouraged stylist Taylor to take part.

"I think I initially said no," said Taylor.

She did enter and took on the contest's challenge to create a music-inspired look. She says she decided "to make this person look like they are front and center lead singer for the music band."

Taylor then enlisted her boyfriend Colby Palafox to help.

"She asked if I could be the model, and I said yes. Then said she wasn't finished with the question, she said could she dye my hair, and I said yes because I believed in her," says Colby.

Taylor's style won the state, then the region, then she moved on to the last round. "I was the first person from Sport Clips in Oklahoma to make it to the top 5," she says.

The finals took Taylor to Nashville, and from there, the challenge was to make another music-inspired look in just 20 minutes with a model she had just met.

In front of a crowd of 3,000, Taylor finished the look.

"It was really nerve-wracking," she said.

She won an honorable mention, an all-expense-paid trip, and $5,000 from the owners of her Broken Arrow Sport Clips. Taylor walked away with a lesson in confidence too.

"Say yes, even if it's scary, take a couple of minutes to say yes and worry about the rest later because if you don't say yes, you'll never have an opportunity to grow," she says.

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