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Unsolved murder in Muskogee troubles family

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Posted at 9:30 PM, Jul 22, 2021

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — Loyd Morgan was a husband, a father, and a Muskogee businessman.

He met his wife, Freeda Guthrie at church, when she was just 17.

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Loyd went away to World War II. But Freeda Morgan said even thousands of miles couldn’t keep the two apart.

“We wrote all the time he was in service,” she said.

Loyd finally made it home, and things moved quickly for the couple. Loyd and Freeda married immediately after her junior year of high school.

The couple had two girls. Darlene LaCrone is the youngest.

“He was a funny guy. But he was so loving,” LaCrone said. “I mean, he loved the three of us; it was just unimaginable.”

Loyd started a farm equipment business on the family property, and the girls went to college.

It was Sunday, March 20th, 1983, and the day before LaCrone’s 21st birthday.

“He got home just in time for lunch, for my birthday lunch,” she said. “I remember that I ran outside when he got home to go greet him.”

The next day the happy family life changed forever. Loyd Morgan was shot three times in the face inside his shop. Not only that but the daughter who just saw her dad on her birthday was now being questioned by police.

LaCrone said, “They wanted to know where I was and who I was with, you know, all these kinds of questions.”

But she had an airtight alibi, and that’s where this case goes cold.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations took over the case. Special Agent Tammy Ferrari is the lead investigator.

“There may have been a robbery that took place there," Ferrari said.

There are a few persons of interest but no arrests.

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