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Oklahoma's Cold Case Files: The wrong side of the tracks

Oklahoma's Cold Case Files: The wrong side of the tracks
Posted at 12:39 PM, Feb 19, 2021
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TULSA, Okla. — Lisa Gaskin was 17 when she visited her dad at work in March 2000. When she left his office, her family never saw her alive again.

“I come, and I have lunch, and I sit in the parking lot in Crystal City and just kind of think about her,” said Monica Galchik, Lisa’s sister.

Monica often sits near those train tracks in west Tulsa to have lunch. It’s a reunion of sorts with her baby sister Lisa.

“It gives me a closeness to her since this is the last place she was alive,” she said.

They’re stepsisters from a blended family.

“I think we all had a pretty normal childhood. There were six of us children. We were always teased; we were the Brady Bunch because three were his and three were hers,” said Monica.

This blended family became the best of friends.

“You would always see us in sets of two. So, she would be my friend for a month, then I would switch, then I would switch to another sibling,” said Monica.

Growing up led to growing apart for Monica and Lisa.

“Lisa and my younger sister, they kind of went to the left, when most of us went to the right.”

Shortly after, the family was rocked.

“She barely turned 17, and everything went sideways.”

It was March 28th, 2000- one month after Lisa’s birthday.

“She walked all the way to my dad’s work, and she was there around 9 o’clock. And then she visited him. They have her on camera, so they know she was there,” she said.

Lisa left the building just after 9:30 to head home, “she took the tracks so it would make it a little quicker,” said Monica.

A few hours later, her father walked by a crime scene on his way home.

“My dad actually left work when his shift was over and walked past it. And they wouldn’t tell him what was going on,” said Monica.

The next day, the knock on the door every parent dreads.

“My dad was there, and they came walking up to the door, and he starts yelling my name, telling me to come to the door because he can’t handle it, he couldn’t,” she said.

The crime scene he walked by was his daughter’s body.
Police told 2 News there is one witness in the case, but he moved out of state.

“The transient saw the altercation on the railroad tracks there across Crystal City. And it, he said he was too scared to move. So, he stayed in place for about an hour before he ran down the tracks to QuikTrip to call the police,” said Monica.

The killer attacked Lisa with a lead pipe.

“There’s this big empty space where the family can’t heal; we can’t move on,” Monica explained. “My father passed, and he didn’t get to know who.”

Now, Lisa’s mom fears the same, “she thinks she’ll die before somebody helps.”

Anyone with information about Lisa Gaskin’s death on March 28th, 2000, can contact the Tulsa Police Department Cold Case Unit 918-596-9143.

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