New holiday light displays open in Tulsa

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-23 23:29:43-05

Brand-new large-scale holiday light displays are popping up in Tulsa, hoping to set themselves apart this winter.

"This is our first time doing something like this on this scale," said Todd Lasseigne, President of Tulsa Botanic Garden. "So it’s both a mixture of excitement and terror."

Tulsa Botanic Garden and Tulsa Holiday Lights at Expo Square are premiering large-scale light shows this season. For the first time at Tulsa botanic garden, they've put up 170,000 lights; that’s 14.5 miles strung out.

"We’ve had to grow pretty fast but also try to push ourselves to say, 'what’s the next thing we can do that we’re ready for?'" Lasseigne said.

To the southeast on the other side of Tulsa, Tulsa Holiday Lights features millions of LED lights, changing every second on the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Visitors ride through lit-up tunnels that lead to a parking lot where they can stay in their own car and watch a show.

Partnering with a local radio station, visitors turn to the channel playing Christmas music, set up shop in front of LED trees, and sit back to enjoy with the family.

Management owner Anthony Anders says he wanted to bring something unique to Tulsa, and looks to attract those looking for something new, as well as passers-by.

"We don’t really know what to expect," Anders said. "That’s why we have a whole parking area here - huge for the load of cars that can come through at any given time."

For prices and hours, visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden and Tulsa Holiday Lights pages.