Video: Will new NASCAR rule protect drivers after Ward death?

Posted at 5:38 PM, Aug 15, 2014

Following the death of Kevin Ward, Jr., NASCAR announced a new rule Friday, saying drivers are no longer allowed to get out of their vehicles while on the track.

The rule says, "at no time should a driver or crew member approach any portion of the racing surface or apron" or "approach another moving vehicle." 

This new rule comes just about a week after the accident that killed Ward.

Ward left his vehicle during a race on Saturday after a wreck involving fellow driver Tony Stewart. Ward then stormed onto the track while cars flew by him. He even threw his helmet at a moving car.

While he was on the track, Stewart struck and killed him with his vehicle. Stewart has not been charged in the ongoing investigation. 

But will it work? Find out more with this Newsy video.