Things NOT to buy on Black Friday

Posted at 9:10 AM, Nov 19, 2014
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Millions of Americans are now making plans for Black Friday (or Thanksgiving night) ready to snap up marked down HDTVs, tablets, and toys.

But hold on: If you're planning to fight for a name brand TV, or a shopping cart full of clothing, a new report says there are some things you should NOT buy on Black Friday, and rather stay home to enjoy the pumpkin pie.

The website says a number of items are not at their cheapest on Black Friday, despite the hype.

What to buy Thursday night & Black Friday

Deal News says Black Friday is great for:

  • Off-brand HDTVs: Check the ads for Walmart and Target and you will spot this. The biggest markdowns on Black Friday are for off-brands, and stores will have thousands of them.
  • Entry-level laptops: Staples and Walmart are offering laptops as low as $99, but they are entry-level.
  • Home appliances: If you need a fridge or washing machine, Black Friday is a very good day to shop.
  • Opening hour doorbusters, if you can get them (remember, stores typically have just 10 or 15 of their big doorbuster deals in stock), plan ahead and line up early.

What to wait on

But Deal News says a number of items will be cheaper in mid-December, if you have the fortitude to wait two more weeks.

It suggests waiting to buy:

  • Name brand HDTVs: Prices drop later in December, and even further in January in anticipation of the Super Bowl. Sure, I know what you are saying: "Best Buy is selling a 50 inch Panasonic LED HDTV for just $199 on Black Friday." Yes, and if you want that one, you better be prepared to spend your entire Thanksgiving Day standing in a parking lot line.
  • High end laptops: Again, the best Black Friday deals are on the sub-$299 models, because people on Black Friday don't want to spend a fortune on anything.
  • Exercise equipment: Sure you'll find some good treadmill markdowns, but prices are at their lowest in late Spring, when no one is buying ellipticals or treadmills.
  • Winter clothing:  Lots of sweaters and coats are on sale Black Friday.  But the current year fashion clothing does not go on big markdown until after Christmas.
  • Most Toys:  Despite flashy Black Friday ads, and some really good kids tablet deals at Toys R Us (such as those from LeapPad), most stores hold off on toy markdowns until the second week of December, when they see what's not selling.

If you fought the Black Friday crowds for a Lego set or Princess doll that's cheaper two weeks later, you'll say "doesn't that stink"?

Black Friday is a good day to buy a toy that could be sold out soon, but not necessarily a cart full of toys.

The bottom line

Bottom line: There are great deals on Black Friday.

But the best deals are on the much-hyped doorbusters. For other items, it may pay to wait two weeks so you don't waste your money.

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