Some deals may be better after Labor Day

Posted at 1:23 PM, Aug 29, 2014

Labor Day is around the corner, but if past years are any indication, retail workers won’t be getting a break.

While some are in the backyard barbecuing with family, others will be shopping. Though retailers tend to offer deep discounts in early September, according to Dana Dratch, writer for Bank Rate, the sales that traditionally bear out this time of year are mattress sales.

“In some places, mattresses will be up to 50 percent off,” Dratch said. “China and flatware will also be on sale. The end of wedding season coincides with Labor Day sales, and some items will also be up to 50 percent off.”

The top-searched mattress stores, according to Yahoo, are Sleepy’s, Mattress Discounters, Mattress Warehouse and The Original Mattress Factory.

Most businesses, however, are looking to get in on the action, so look for discounts across the board.

The top businesses being searched ahead of the Labor Day weekend? According to Yahoo Trends expert Lauren Whitehouse, the top-searched retailers on Yahoo this week are Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Sears, Kohls, J.C. Penney and Kmart.

What are shoppers looking for? According to Whitehouse, the top sales searches spiking off the charts for the month of August are car sales, mattress sales, yacht sales and TV sales.

In the week leading up to Labor Day, sale searches are spiking for exercise bikes, futons, cars, mobile homes and food trucks.

Though there will be sales across the board, there are some things to consider waiting to purchase, Dratch said.

“There are a couple of items, I wouldn’t say hold off, but  I would stop, pause, shop around first and consider. These are the items like diamonds: If you’re looking, by all means check the prices, but know that the best sales for diamonds generally are in July, August, November and December.”

Dratch also suggests waiting to purchase TVs and fall fashions.

“The next period of really good deals for TVs starts off in November and December. But keep in mind what it is you want, and whether or not a discount is actually an objective good deal,” Dratch said.

Stores will be clearing shelves of summer merchandise, with discounts of up to 80-90 percent off. As for fall fashions, though the season hasn’t started yet, fall clothes will also be on sale, but at average discounts of 20-25 percent off.

Shoppers who wait until later in the season may get better deals, but risk a smaller selection of style, color and sizes.

“The best thing you can do is look at what it costs normally,” Dratch said. “The most important thing is to be informed and know what you’re looking for.”

Some Labor Day deals:

JambaJuice: BOGO. When you buy any freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, you get another free. (Valid through September 1) 

FirehouseSubs: Free medium sub with meal purchase. (Valid on Sept. 1 only)

BostonMarket: Free kids meal with individual meal. (Expires Aug. 31)

OliveGarden: Buy one entree, take one home free + free Redbox rental. (Limited time)

BassProShops: Free ice cream, hot dogs and family activities. (Select locations, August 30, 31)

IKEA: Free meal with purchase of $100. (Aug. 30-Sept. 1)