Skydiver with 1 arm takes 1,000th leap

Skydiver with 1 arm takes 1,000th leap
Posted at 3:16 PM, Aug 17, 2020

PUEBLO, Colo. -- A Colorado man made a historic leap with his most recent skydive.

Tommy Fergeson of Pueblo made his 1,000th jump Saturday, exactly eight years after an accident cost him his left arm.

He's now made 343 jumps with two arms and 657 with one.

After losing the limb, the "One-armed Skydiver" didn't lose his love for the pursuit and found ways to overcome his obstacles.

"It's something that when I first started I never dreamed I would hit 1,000 skydives you know? It's taken some years. I'm fixing to turn 58, actually next month I turn 58 but I still love it and I am going to continue to do it, and I'm gonna be with my family and I just love skydiving. It's one of my passions," Fergeson said.

After the jump Saturday, Fergeson received his 1000 Jump Wings from the United States Parachute Club.

This story was originally published by Tyler Dumas at KOAA.