Man mocked recycling as he dumped fridge off cliff, had to haul it back up, now facing trial

Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 18:59:19-04
Originally Published: 02 AUG 19 12:37 ET
Updated: 02 AUG 19 17:53 ET

(CNN) -- In a seemingly perfect act of justice, a man who was filmed throwing a used refrigerator off a cliff while mocking recycling was told to retrieve it for proper disposal.

Spain's Guardia Civil police identified the man, who works for a company that distributes domestic appliances, after the video, shot in Almeria region, went viral on social media, according to a press release seen by CNN.

They accompanied him to haul the fridge back up from the ravine in the southern Almeria region, releasing a video of the arduous task.

A court will now decide whether the man will face just an administrative fine or a heftier one under the penal code for "environmental crime", Luis González, a Guardia Civil spokesman, told CNN.

In the original video, the man can be seen unloading the fridge from a van -- its license plate in shot -- and dropping it off a steep cliff.

Both the author of the video and the man in question could be heard saying "Recycling...let's go recycle it!" and "Let's see how many flips it can do" as the fridge rolls down the rocky slope.

The Guardia Civil is also investigating the company he was working for, after an inspection at their facilities unearthed about 50 washing machines stored in the outer courtyard of a warehouse amid dry vegetation, according to the press release.

The man was not publicly identified and therefore couldn't be reached by CNN for comment.


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