Florida man charged with attempted murder after Lyft driver's car riddled with bullets

Posted at 10:49 PM, Dec 27, 2017

A Florida Lyft driver has not been back on the road since he said a complete stranger riddled his car with bullets on Christmas Eve in Martin County.

The man accused of shooting at his car has been arrested and identified as 38-year-old Dylan Randall Frost.

The Lyft driver asked West Palm Beach-based WPTV not to identify him because he is in fear for his safety.

Martin County deputies said the man accused of shooting at the driver made several spontaneous statements during his arrest about why he opened fire.

An arrest report reads that Frost told investigators he thought the driver was someone who had held a gun to him in the past. That report also said Frost told his girlfriend “I told you I would do this if they came back again.”

The Lyft driver told Martin County deputies he had just completed a trip from Palm Beach County to the Coquina Cove apartments in Palm City to drop off three people.

He pulled to the side of the road in the neighborhood to make a phone call and check his GPS. That is when he said he noticed a man walking toward his vehicle, suspiciously, prompting the driver to begin driving away.

“The way he saw that man, he thinks that man was doing something wrong,” said the driver’s wife.

As he was driving away, he said he heard gun shots and bullets hitting his car.

“He was driving, driving, driving. He didn’t stop. He was shaking,” the driver’s wife explained.

He kept driving to Palm Beach County while calling for help.

Martin County deputies responded to the apartment complex and found surveillance video, which they say showed Frost walking through the complex with what appeared to be a shotgun.

Frost was arrested and is charged with first-degree attempted murder.

“That was so hard for him that day,” the driver’s wife said.

Now, he’s making changes to his future routes once his car is repaired and released from evidence. He said he will only work during the day.