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Climate change threatens glaciers, a source of tourism, power supplies and more

Posted at 3:28 AM, Nov 10, 2021

Countries that rely on glaciers are facing trouble as many ice sheets melt because of climate change.

For generations, glaciers have helped make electricity, draw visitors and uphold ancient spiritual traditions.

In Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains, glacier water runs hydroelectric plants. In Tanzania and Germany, they are essential for tourism.

Some indigenous communities near Mt. Kilimanjaro consider the ice to be the home of gods.

Sky News reports that in Peru — where 72% of the world's tropical glaciers reside — the loss of glacier ice threatens commercial farming and major tourism revenue.

The ice masses that formed from compacted snow have been melting since around the time of the Industrial Revolution. The process has accelerated in recent years.

The Rwenzori Mountains once held more than 40 glaciers, but fewer than half remained by 2005.

Experts believe the last could disappear within 20 years.