Four Univ. of Kansas cheerleaders suspended for racist picture

Posted at 7:23 AM, Nov 22, 2016

The University of Kansas suspended four cheerleaders from performing after a Snapchat photo mentioned the KKK.

The photo shows three white men in “K” sweaters standing next to one another with the caption, “Kkk go trump.”

According to Kansas Athletics, Lili Gagin, a sophomore cheerleader from Grayslake, Illinois, was suspended Monday night for posting the photo to Snapchat.

Associate athletic director Jim Marchiony says the three men in the photo are also members of the cheer squad. According to KU Athletics' Twitter account, the three were also suspended from performing. 

“Right now we are doing an investigation and we have suspended the young lady whose account it was on until we finish the investigation,” said Marchiony. 

Kansas Athletics released the following statement after a Twitter user reported the photo to the university: 

“Unacceptable. She is suspended from cheering pending formal investigation. This behavior won’t be tolerated. Will be dealt with appropriately."

Gagin denies that she posted the photo on her Snapchat.

“I’m appalled that a snapchat was put out on my snapchat and posted to my account,” said Gagin. “I would never have done that & I apologize that it happened.”